Wallow.tv was founded in Granada, Spain in the beginning of 2021 and was incubated in Jensen Technologies, a Web and App Development company founded in 2009.

Mission statement

To provide an easy solution for business owners to engage and attract customers both on-site and on-line. 

The Founder

The founder of both Wallow.tv and Jensen Technologies, Soren Beck Jensen, is originally from Denmark and has been working in the internet industry since 1994 where he among many other projects were involved with launching the first websites for LEGO and Tivoli Gardens.

Soren has been an active contributor to various open source projects and has served on the board of directors of the Joomla project and spoken at multiple international conferences.

The Team

Wallow.tv is based in Granada, Spain, but was incubated in an international company and have English as our primary language. Our ambition has always been to create a product and business that is targeted globally. Our team is made up of multiple nationalities.

Soren Beck Jensen - CEO and CTO

Serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in on-line technologies

Lili Espinosa - Designer and SMM

15 years of experience in corporate identity design and social media marketing (SMM)

Maria Frank - Business Developer

Degree in Financial Administration with more than 20 years of experience in sales

Alejandro Akbal - Full Stack Developer

Lead developer in charge of the platform and network integrations

Christina Petersen

Business development, marketing and fundraising

The History

In 2020 just before the pandemic, Lili and Soren were having a meal in their favourite restaurant when they got to talk about how difficult it was for Lili to engage customers on social media for her clients. Together, they got the idea of encouraging engagement by displaying social media and review content on a screen, on location. This would remind users to contribute their own content, and increase contribution through wanting to see content on the screen. The idea for Wallow.tv was born and little by little the project was established and launched.

The Product

Wallow.tv is made of two parts; a little box that you connect to any HDMI ready display and a SaaS service that allows easy management and collection of content. 

Wallow.tv displays “user generated content” which encourages additional engagement from viewers, creating a “snowball effect”. Wallow.tv’s unique strength is that it shows data updated frequently and automatically. 

At the moment Wallow.tv gathers data from Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, local weather forecast and your customized slideshow. We are diligently working on adding further channels.